Implementation: Steps to Overcome Challenges

Following the Eight-Step System will not allow you to stop at steps one and two. You must move on through the remaining steps to complete the implementation and grow your business! However, that’s where most everyone encounters a series of challenges.


Over a few years, I’ve personally applied the first few steps of the system to become very clear on what I want and why I want it, and how I will get there involves the great teams around me. Implementation is easy because the other steps give me specific, actionable steps to take to accomplish the big picture. It’s this implementation that has brought me to have the honor of being a Workshop Presenter and Silver Partner at the GAMA LAMP ’19 Conference here in Dallas this March! This is my first time presenting at such a large conference without a team in New York backing me up! My point is, not only am I presenting the Eight-Step System at the conference, but I’m applying the process to prepare the best presentation I can! Let me show you why you need to implement steps four and five, and I’ll use my own experience as proof.

In Application

Step four is: create an action plan for each strategy that addresses marketing, the sales process, administration, and implementation. That step alone, if you follow through and work the plan, will cause you to take action.

My story is: Preparing for something like LAMP required an action plan just like any strategy requires. I worked through marketing and prospecting with my superb teams, and we are making use of all the benefits GAMA provides to Silver Partners. The sales process we decided on was to be as visible as possible and engage people in conversation about what they want and what is important to them. That should sound familiar because everything I do is based on being a consultant helping you achieve your objectives, your desires. For administration, I’m leaning on my team, and implementation is, again, a true team effort.

Step five is: create a weekly and daily plan for exactly what you are going to do each day. Again, if you build the plan and you don’t do it, you will not move forward. Step five causes you to know what the next steps are for today, and when you know that, you take the next step.

My story is: I’ve talked about this before on my social media, and what I do is based on building a weekly plan each weekend that creates a daily plan for each day in the coming week. Once that daily plan is set, I know what I have to do and the priority order in which I should do those tasks. Things change, and tweaks are needed, and that is what makes all this so much easier! I’d much rather tweak an existing plan than have to build a new plan from the ground up. As needed, my daily plan includes tasks related to preparing for LAMP, and I accomplish those tasks. The Thinking on Purpose comes on the weekend when I list all the things that need to be done in the coming week. LAMP is an activity that will fit under all my strategies; thus it is a high priority for me.

In Summary

Steps four and five alone will cause you to take action and move forward to get what you want. It may not sound novel or new or unique, but what I can attest to is that the eight steps work when you work the steps!

Steps one, two, and three help you learn a concept about the importance of being clear about what you want, and you might become clearer than you have ever been about what you want and even understand why you want it. But how will you turn that new concept or idea into revenue for your business? What, specifically, are you going to do to implement it in your business? What are YOU going to be responsible for to make it all happen? What can you delegate to a team? You see, you can know all sorts of things, and you can even have skills to allow you to make something tangible based on the concept.

Taking specific steps is what allows me to implement and grow my business without a hitch. If you’re going to LAMP, PLEASE come see me at booth 319, and join us for our presentation at 8:00 AM on Monday morning. Yep, I’m getting excited! March 18 – 20, at the Gaylord in Grapevine, Texas.

See you there!