Don’t Just Sit There Making Plans, DO SOMETHING!

It seems to me, there are two sides to any business idea. Side one is the planning side. On this side you build the plan and you build it in detail. You need to decide during this planning phase exactly what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. Side one is very important because it allows you to make sure you are on the right road to get what you want. It is planning the trip, and it’s all about Thinking on Purpose. 

Side two is the implementation side. On this side, you are going to go DO the things that are in the plan. It is making the journey, taking the actual steps toward a destination. It’s about implementing and executing the plan you created.

Cassette Side A

If you stay on side one, you will not accomplish the objective of your business. You can make plans “until the cows come home,” but you won’t earn a penny—not one red cent! Nor will you accomplish the dreams that caused you to create the plan in the first place. You won’t help the people you wanted to help, and you won’t have a positive impact on your family’s life. Don’t just sit there, get out of your chair and go do something!

  • “But I’m not finished!”
  • “The plan isn’t all together yet.”
  • “I have some new ideas to add.”
  • “I want to tweak the sales process plan.”
  • “The mission statement isn’t just right…”

What does that sound like to you? Is that the ugly Procrastination Monster coming in to wreck your business and your family? Until you start working your plan, you aren’t getting paid. And, Zig Ziglar was right (as he very often was): “Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it is right up there on the list with Oxygen.”

Get to the Bonus Tracks!

Sometimes good enough is just that: good enough. The plan is good enough. Put your foot in the road, and start walking with confidence knowing that you can adjust and revise the plan as you go. The key is that you must take the first step, the next step, and the next toward your objective. Will it be perfect? Of course not. Can you get started and create a stream of income for you and your family? You bet you can!

Act to build your plan to get what you want. Then, pick up your shovel and go to work every day. You can do this one step and one day at a time, but you must begin the journey by starting to walk. Use my free e-book Forward Focus: Five Practical Steps for Business Success to transition your business ideas from side one to side two. Follow each step in detail and you won’t get stuck on side one!

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