Clean your plate! Don’t you know there are starving children in _______?

That’s what some of us used to hear from our Mother when we didn’t finish our dinner. Today, you can end that sentence with AMERICA. Every day, there are hungry Americans going to bed, and many of them are kids. Everyone has their “causes,” and this is one of ours. There are many other good and important causes that many of us are involved in. All of those are causes we should consider as they bring to light some real needs in our community.

Personally, I believe the basic need for food and water trumps everything else. We should provide food to feed our fellow Americans. It is hard to believe that there are American families, children, who don’t have enough to eat every day, but I promise you there are. I don’t really care why they are in the state they are in. I hope and pray that there are good people with other organizations helping them get back on their feet so they can feed themselves! In fact, that is very important to us. At this point, however, someone has to feed them while they are recovering and learning how to provide for themselves. Above all, we must feed the kids.

Let’s feed the hungry kids just down the street

Let’s feed the hungry American kids in the elementary school in your neighborhood. I promise they are there in the most affluent neighborhood schools. They are hungry, and they need our help. Let’s feed the hungry kids just down the street from our home or office.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (New International Version Bible, Matt. 25.35, 25.40)

Did you know (I did not; Carla had to tell me) that many kids get their only meal every day from the school they attend? Yep, no breakfast, lunch, or dinner at home. They go to school so they can eat! Communities hesitate to close schools during inclement weather because so many kids will not be able to get food to eat on the days the schools are closed. Let’s feed those kids!

Here's an easy way for you to help

To help feed hungry people, we have decided to donate all the net proceeds from book sales to the North Texas Food Bank. Going forward, the net proceeds from Practical Influence will go to the food bank. We can’t feed the entire United States, but I know we can make a difference in this one section of the country. $1.00 provides three meals for a hungry American.

Please buy a book, feed the kids, and feel good about the fact that you are helping to feed hungry people right here in the United States of America. All you need to do is click here and buy a book, or several books, for your team. You get some good content to discuss and learn from, and at the same time, you do something good for others at this giving time of year.

If you buy 50 books or more, I will conduct a live webinar with your team. We can either walk through “The 10 Practical Principles of Influence” or “The 8 Steps to Success.” It would make my day to have this opportunity to help you and your team. Help us feed the hungry, and we’ll help you train your team. Is it a deal?

Thank you for your support!
Morris and Carla