Are You Performing Like a River or a Swamp? Your Choice!

When I started building my business, I was doing EVERYTHING. I was listening to every webinar I could find, building my own website, writing a book, designing training courses, taking out the trash, EVERYTHING! I was a swamp. I was wide, and I touched everything, but I didn’t go deeply into anything. Stuff was left hanging, nothing was getting finished, and I had nothing going on that might bring in real business revenue. I wasn’t getting any closer to what I wanted.

I have seen professional salespeople and financial services professionals, agents and managers, who wind up in the same boat. There are so many different strategies that it’s easy to find yourself moving in too many different directions. It seems there is always some new, wonderful strategy to try when we know in our gut that we need to stay the course with our original plan to get what we want.

Eureka! There’s the problem: too many strategies!

The solution is having only a few strategies. It is all about performing like a river instead of existing as a swamp. Choosing two (three at the most) strategies to focus on makes it all come together. After I implemented this concept in my life, suddenly the book got published, the website was online, and business started coming in.

I learned the concept from my mentor, Dr. Randy Marshall. Well-known thought leaders like Darren Hardy have embraced this concept with their own point of view. Here’s how I see it. Rivers, like the Colorado River, create magnificent beauty the likes of the Grand Canyon. Swamps, on the other hand, are yucky and shallow. Let’s be a river! Too many strategies and you exist like a swamp without productive flow. Focus on two or three strategies, and you can perform like a river flowing fast and cutting deep.

How do you decide on your strategies?

First, make sure you are clear about WHAT you want and WHY you want it. Then you can determine HOW you are going to get what you want. “How” is your strategy.

You can choose your two or three strategies by walking through a roadmap of questions and allowing yourself time to THINK ON PURPOSE. That means giving yourself time to think and opening your mind to new ideas. Like brainstorming, don’t say no to anything immediately. Answer the questions and follow the map. Here’s a look at one map. You should add questions that are appropriate for you and your situation.

1. What do you like to do all day long?
2. What do you NOT like to do all day long?
3. What is it about what you are doing right now that makes you think about changing?
4. What are the “how” options you could choose from to get what you want?
5. What “feels” good? What feels like fun?
6. What do you think you might want to choose?
7. Narrow the list of possibilities to 10, and then narrow it down to 5.
8. What are the pros and the cons of each one?
9. Which one has the most pros, fits snugly into the list of what you are good at, and is something you like to do?
10. Is it a tie? Then which one appeals to you the most? This map is all about what YOU want to do!

Have you found your strategy or strategies?

Chances are you’ll need to through this exercise a few times and give yourself time to “sleep on it” and THINK ON PURPOSE. Normally, this isn’t something you do in one setting. Talk with other people who care about you, and get their input as well.

You may want to talk with a third-party coach or a mentor. A third-party coach brings a different point of view to your thinking while having your best interest in mind.

The key is to find two or three strategies to focus on. Focus your time, your thinking, and your effort on implementing and operating your key strategies. You will be one step closer to getting what YOU want.

Best wishes!