An Excerpt from “Practical Influence”

Thank you all for reading my blog posts and following me on social media; I have a lot of exciting stuff planned for 2019. In today’s post, I’m proud to present a sample from my book Practical Influence: 10 Positive Principles to Help You Increase Your Influence and Build Better Relationships, which is now available as an audiobook! Listen to the sample below or keep scrolling to read along.

Chapter Six: Influence with People that You Meet

        If you have not had the opportunity to build a relationship with someone and create a positive communication foundation, how can you have influence with them? That brings us to first impressions. The first impression you make on someone will be the basis for building your influence with them. This chapter is about doing those things that make for a good, positive first impression.

        You never get a retake on a first impression. You can’t unring a bell. There’s only one chance to do anything the first time. With all that in mind, let’s make sure we do it right the FIRST time. And that includes not only how you behave but also how you present yourself–how you dress and how you look.

Generating Positive First Impressions

        You know all the concepts we talked about in the last chapter. You know how to show your charisma. First impressions are all those things and more. It is not that you should try too hard, but that you do well and you are sincere. I could stop there, but by now you know that I won’t!

        Sincerity is a topic we should take some time with. Anything in the Positive, Practical Principles that is used as a technique or performed as a task without sincerity will fail miserably. We can all see right through someone who is insincere.

Learn about sincerity and all the other ways to generate positive first impressions by listening to the full audiobook on

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