4 Things You Can Do Today That Will Improve Your 2019 Results

YOU have 12 weeks to make a huge impact on your results. We all know how easy it is to be up to your ears in the urgent matters of business and time just slips away. I remember looking up saying, “12 weeks, plenty of time, I got this” then all of the sudden stuff gets in the way and I hear myself say: “It’s the last 2 weeks what do I do now??”

FOCUS right now and you can make a significant difference in your 2019 results. Here are 4 specific and practical things you can do starting today!

  1. Resolve two things: First, you must know WHAT you desire and focus on that. What results do you want for the end of 2019? Your second resolve is to Think on Purpose and decide WHY you want those results. Make the effort to go deep into the emotions of why you want to achieve those specific results. “What you want” is the target, and “why you want it” is the power to get you there. Having a clear picture of these two things can make all the difference.

Example: I want to achieve a 25% increase in sales and generate a 20% increase in profit. Why? It is important to me to move my family into a bigger house where each of my children has their own bedroom; I can’t do that without reaching these objectives.

  • Focus on your Key Result Activities. With only12 weeks left in 2019 this isn’t the time to be thinking about new strategies or systems. You know what activities you need to do to get the results you want. KRAs, Key Result Activities, are the activities that directly drive results; activities that you and you alone can accomplish. We call these GOALS.

Example: In sales, KRAs have to do with the number of times you contact prospective clients. It is just that simple. You must make the calls to make the sales. Take some non-selling time to plan your work week and specifically llist who will contact. Here are some “filters” to use to choose the future clients you may want to call on first:

  • People with whom you are already in the sales process
  • People who bought from you before (they are more likely to buy again)
  • People you know and with whom you have a good relationship
  • People who told you “no” in the past, may be in the perfect time of their lives to say yes – it is a timing thing!
  • People you were never able to connect with for a discussion
  •  FOCUS…

“Gates and Buffett have become mega-wealthy BFFs. As told in the documentary, Gates’s father once asked them both to write down a single word to describe their success. They both wrote the same word: focus. “

Mr. Mark Emmer on INC.COM

Focus means you must have a specific plan for every day. A specific plan is not a collection of to-do items you’ve been accumulating. A thought out, strategic daily plan shows how you will focus on your KRAs. Darren Hardy’s system makes it easy.

Darren Hardy’s Sunday Planning System allows you to create a weekly and daily plan that focuses on the most important things and puts the non-important things in a box he calls “The Devil’s Vortex”. If you take time to do those things when you should be focused on KRAs it is the Devil’s work! (Laugh! But it is true!)

Go to:  www.DarrenHardy.com “win the week” – watch the how-to video online. This is a life changer!

Example: Every day, using this system, I know exactly what I need to do to achieve the results I want to achieve for that day. AND I have already weeded out the stuff that is un-important to me in achieving results. That stuff is not even on my list for today. I can now FOCUS on the IMPORTANT activities, not the “urgent and un-important.”

  • Ask for help. For me, I don’t have a problem building a detailed specific plan of action that is filled with my KRAs. My problem is getting it done. Or said another way, getting out of my own way and doing the work. It is getting it all done and not falling off track and losing focus. I need help to stay focused and implement the plan. “Just do it” I hear my coach saying to me, a lot!

Example: I have coached thousands of agents in my work and focusing on a year end closing requires some prep work and that’s the easy part. The hard part is the doing. Once we get the plan it usually boils down to someone who has my best interest at heart asking me the tough questions with a kind but serious tone that gets my attention. (No one needs a coach who raises their voice, or is belittling, disrespectful, or sarcastic. We need a coach that is encouraging, someone who cares about us and our success.)

Those are the 4 things you can do today to make a significant positive impact on your results for the end of 2019.

And if you’d like to talk about how you are going to implement these ideas, please email me: Morris@MorrisSims.com. We can schedule a time to talk about your plan for 4Q 2019!

Best wishes!