Where Is Your Next Sale Coming From?

2:35 AM and I am suddenly wide awake. There is an overwhelming fearful feeling when I realize that I have no idea where my next sale is coming from. I must admit it has happened more than once and even within the last couple of years.

When that happens, what can you do about it? For me, I do my best to shake off the feelings of fear and uncertainty and go back to sleep. When I get up the next morning the first thing to do is to get my head straight. Then I go to work to answer the question. I want to get a good night’s sleep tonight, so I must figure out where that next sale is coming from!

Here are FOUR ideas for you to make sure you always have an idea of where your next sale is coming from if you are selling to individuals and small businesses (eg: The Financial Services Industry.)

  1. Listen to this week’s Podcast on The Business of Sales with David Lyons. He has some great ideas for you! David and I worked together for more than 20 years and I do not know of anyone who does a better job prospecting. Give Dave a listen and you will be glad you did!!  www.thebusinessofsales.libsyn.com
  2. Make a list. Well, not one list, make three lists:

List #1

This is a list of the people with which you are at some point in the sales process. You have made contact and you have at least introduced the idea that you are in business and you may be able to help them. These are qualified prospects that you need to move on to the next step in the process.

Action: make sure each case is moved to the furthest most position possible toward a sale. If you have not closed yet, what is stopping you? If you haven’t shown the prospect the product, get an appointment and make it happen.

List #2

Fill this list (25 names, minimum) with people you know who probably know your name and probably will accept your call when your name hits their phone. You have good reason to believe that these people can become qualified prospects. All it takes is for you to contact them and start a conversation. The objective is to move these people to List #1 and have them at some point in the sales process.

Action: call the people on this list to set an opening interview. Call as many as you need to call to make sure you have at least 2 appointments per day for some time in the future. (Thank you, Tim F!)

List #3

This is the fun list. These are people you DO NOT CURRENTLY know. They don’t know you from Adam’s House Cat. You WOULD LIKE to know them and have them know you. All you need is an introduction from someone you know or a reason to introduce yourself. This is your “I want to run into that person” list.

Action: Choose one or two names each week and start working on ways to be introduced to them. Start asking your network and you’ll find someone who knows them or someone close to them.

3. Scour your phone and your social media pages. Who is in there that is not on List #1, but should be?

4. Make one more list…  write down all the small businesses you do business with. Find out who the owner is and drop in to see them. (You do business there; they will probably recognize your face). If you are paying them for their services and products don’t you think they should at least hear about the kind of work you do and how you can be of service?

Okay, here is a bonus!

What follows is a list from A to Z of people in your life that should be on the list in idea #4 : People you do business with that should do business with you!

  • Automobile service shop
  • Your Dry Cleaner
  • Grocery Store (if it’s a chain, who is the manager?)
  • Your doctors
  • Your attorney
  • Your dentist
  • Your dental Hygienist
  • Gasoline station
  • Hardware store (same as Grocery store…)
  • Favorite restaurant (you probably have 3 or 4 of these)
  • Favorite fast food franchise
  • Jeweler
  • Librarian
  • Pastor, Preacher, Priest, Rabbi
  • Favorite High School Teacher, Principle, Coach
  • Favorite College Professor(s)
  • Best Friend’s Parents
  • Your best friend(s)
  • Your best friend’s parents and siblings
  • Your closest 6 next door neighbors
  • Your former workplace – choose two people to call, at least
  • The Mayor of your town
  • Your city or county Councilperson
  • The Manager at the Starbucks you frequent… (okay, so start going to one)
  • Your realtor
  • The person who sold you your last car and the person who owns the dealership

Remember: Some people will engage in conversation with you, some wont. So What? NEXT!

Most of the time it is about timing and now may not be the time for them. If you call on them in the future, you just might find the right time. It’s numbers game and it’s up to you to put enough activity in the top of the funnel to come out with what YOU want!

Best wishes!!!

YOU can make this a great day and a great week no matter if you are out in the world or if you are sitting at home during “Q Time”! You choose what you do, and you choose what you think about. The key words there are: YOU CHOOSE.  

What are YOU going to choose?

Be great!