What You Must Do to Increase Revenue and Reduce Personal Time at Work

“How can I increase revenue and reduce the amount of personal time I spend working?”

We all ask that question time and time again. The answer always comes back to me doing one thing. I must implement the FOUNDATION PRINCIPLES. Yes, it’s not about someone else, it’s not about circumstances or the economy. It is about ME doing the things that make my business run well.

Principles are wonderful things that will help us achieve our objectives when implemented properly. I believe in principles and I love the concept that principles are certain “unalienable truths.” Principles lead us to do what we need to do to accomplish our objectives. The key is to focus on the ones that will help the most: the FOUNDATION PRINCIPLES. This series of articles will address the foundation principles of business that many times carry over to life in general.

Today let’s start with this Foundation Principle:

Foundation Principle: Every organization needs leadership that conceives and communicates a clear vision for the future of the organization. It allows everyone to focus on the right things and prevents confusion.

This principle is the basis of leadership. “Without a vision the people will perish” according to Scripture. The leader’s vision is what keeps the organization alive. It is the basis of “WHY” we do what we do within our organization. We get up every morning and we go do the tasks necessary to see the vision become reality. Can you see where an organization without a clear vision, or one that is confused, will not succeed? When people are confused and uncertain about a course of action it causes total paralysis, and no one is meeting any activity goals. Having a clear vision for the organization is without a doubt the reinforced concrete for the foundation of the organization.

Who Cares? Practical Application:

Creating a vision and communicating it well is how to bring yourself and your team together to focus on the important activities. Your vision keeps the organization aligned and working in the same direction to achieve the objectives that bring you what you want. Without vision there is no chance for consistent focus and without focus there is little chance for success. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett consider FOCUS to be the most important skill they have learned in business. Without a vision there is nothing to focus on. Use the questions below to help build your vision.

The Leader’s Vision is only one of the Foundation Principles. Here’s a very brief overview of the key Foundation Principles.

Key Foundation Principles:

  1. What is the vision for your organization? Or, one might ask, what do you desire? Your vision is your desire for your organization. What do you want the future to look like?
  2. How are you going to reach your desire? The answer to this question is the strategy for your business. You only need 2 strategies that you personally work on every day. More than 2 and you’ll lose focus.
  3. For each strategy you need an action plan. That’s a set of activity goals that are tied together in a timeline that generate a complete action plan for what you are specifically going to do.
  4. Consistent Implementation is making it all come together

The practical use of these principles is what we are going to study in detail in the next several articles. Putting these principles into action in a very practical manner is not difficult but it does require time to “think on purpose” and build a specific action plan. Following these Foundation Principles will help you reach your objectives and see your vision become reality; step by step

Creating Your Vision for the Organization

Clearly communicating your vision for the organization is very important. Here are some questions for you to “Think on Purpose” to help you. The answers to these questions should allow you to put together a concise statement that clearly describes your vision.

  1. When your organization is successful what does that look like? Describe it in as much detail as possible. You are painting a picture for others to see your vision and chose to help you make that vision a reality.
  2. What will you do all day long when your vision becomes reality? What does your day look like?
  3. Who is on the team with you to make the vision real? Who are they? What expertise do they need to be on your team?
  4. What impact will your organization have on people, the community, other businesses and families when your vision for the organization becomes a reality?
  5. Why does anyone else want to help you make this vision a reality? Why do you want it and why should anyone else want it with you.

Now take the answers to these questions and join them together to build a few sentences that you can use to clearly share your vision.

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