The Leadership Myth

Leadership is an overused word in today’s business world. We throw it around like it means little more than the person at the top of an organization chart when nothing is further from the truth. The leader is the person who has a positive, worthwhile vision, can communicate that vision to others and inspire them to follow in causing the vision to become reality. It has little or nothing to do with the organization chart.

The question for years has been, “Can you learn leadership or is it something you are just born with?” I believe that certainly some of us have been born with the tendency and the opportunities to become great leaders. That alone is not enough. To become a great leader, we must learn leadership skills and we have to learn what works and what has not worked by studying leaders from our past. There truly are principles of leadership and anyone, including you and I, can learn those principles and develop the skills to put them into action.

The thing I like about leadership is that true leaders are not out for themselves their focus is on the people around them, the team they lead, and the betterment of the people they encounter every day. True leaders care about others more than they care about themselves. True leaders have humility. Humility, as my friend Dr. Randy Marshall has taught me, is not thinking less of yourself it is thinking about yourself less and thinking about others more. It is not putting yourself down or crying “I’m so bad and I am not worthy.” Humility is thinking about others and letting that thought turn into action to help the people around us.

There are true leaders in our world right now putting their life on the line to help others. They are putting not only their beliefs on the table they are showing up and putting their bodies and their life on the line every day with every action they take. Thank God for all of those great leaders. They are the ones who are holding hands with the desperately sick, taking temperatures, prescribing and administering drugs, rushing to homes where sick people need their help and then helping them, and all the rest of our medical and emergency and food bank and infrastructure leaders. Many of these leaders are making it possible for the rest of us to stay home and lead our communities by our example of staying home to prevent the spread of this horrendous virus. May God bless these leaders each and every one.

John Laurito is our guest on The Business of Sales this week. John IS a “Leader’s Leader”. He gets it. He has walked into numerous organizations and truly led them from lackluster performance and failure to super great, top of the company level performance. Not once, not twice, but many times. He is a “turnaround expert” and in this time of pandemic his words ring true just like they did before we even knew what COVID-19 stood for. Please take a few minutes to listen to the conversation John and I had about leadership and Financial Services Professionals that applies to all business owners!

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Stay home, stay safe, Best Wishes and prayers for us all.


Go wash your hands!