Make Your Vision Your Reality

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Last time we discussed the fact that every business needs a vision. As the owner, leader, person in charge, you must decide what you want your business to become. Or, more simply stated, what do you want? What do you desire? What is your vision for the future of your business? Our first principle stated that every organization needs leadership that can conceive and communicate a clear vision of the future. Foundation Principle #2 is WHY?

Foundation Principle #2: Every vision requires a strong “WHY” that is wrapped in passion and fueled with emotion to propel the business toward the vision.

First you define WHAT you want, then you articulate WHY you want it, and then you choose the strategy for HOW you will get it. These things are not just business school platitudes. These are practical things you need to think about, On Purpose.

Books have been written on finding your “WHY” and discovering your purpose. It is important.

  • Your why is what causes you to get out of bed in the morning and go to work
  • Your why is what gives you the strength to push on when you don’t really feel like it
  • Your why is gives you the ability to focus on your vision and implementing your strategy
  • Your why is what causes you to always move forward, step by step
  • Your why causes you to try things any reasonable businessperson may not attempt
  • Your why is what causes you to take calculated business risks
  • Your why propels you to move forward and do what you need to do
  • Your why is what will allow you to enroll others to help you bring your vision to reality

Think on purpose about your why. Give it time. Just like deciding on what you want, articulating why you want it can become a trite cliché instead of an answer from deep in your heart. You see, your why must be wrapped in passion and fueled with emotion. Even if your why sounds to others like it’s just something to say, it can be real if it is real to you and it causes you to act. That is, it can be real if it is truly wrapped in your passion and fueled with your emotion.

What does that mean?

Wrapped in passion means that you are passionate about your why. Not just that you think it is important, but you are passionate about it. A passionate why becomes what you talk about every chance you get and sometimes when you don’t have a chance you talk about it anyway. It is very important to you; and that is an understatement.

It’s easy to see why the CEO of a charitable organization that provides food for hungry children can be passionate about their work, right? It’s even easy to see why the CEO of GE or GMC or Microsoft might be passionate about their why even if it is just to earn 10 times what they earned last year. Some people can get very passionate about those things.

For me there must be something about my work that allows me to have a positive impact on other people’s lives. To be truly passionate I need to know that what I am doing is going to help someone else get whatever it is that they want. When I coach businesspeople, the first thing we talk about is what they want and why they want it. Then, and only then, can we begin to discuss the technicalities of their business to develop a strategy and an action plan.

Fueled with emotion. Are you passionate about doing something? If so, that’s great and it gets you started. What fuels the passion to stoke the fire? Emotion is the fuel. Emotions, feelings, those are the things that drive us to do what we need to do to support whatever we are passionate about. I prefer to think about the positive things.

“Helping Sally and Sam build their business revenue will help them provide for little Joseph’s education and allow them to have the bigger house they need. That’s not to mention the peace of mind they so desperately need today.”

I would rather not look at it from a negative point of view, like this:

“If we can’t find a way to increase their business revenue, they won’t have a business to work in or work on.”

Playing on fear is not a long term WHY that excites and empowers. I’m not suggesting that we ignore the reality of a situation. I am suggesting that we work to change our point of view. Create a positive why that you can get excited about, that you can be passionate about, and one that is fueled with emotion. And yes, positive emotions are better than negative emotions.

Who Cares? Practical Application:

A strong WHY for your organization gives your team something to be part of that is bigger than themselves. It provides work that is more than just “doing my job.” When a team member’s “WHY” loses its passion and emotion, they lose interest and start looking for something to do that will have a positive impact on the rest of the world. Especially today. You need a strong WHY to energize you every day and so does your team. This is most than “Rah Rah”, it is real. No team yet? Don’t worry, build your vision with a good WHY you will have a team very soon.

How do we go about getting what we want now that we know what we want and why we want it? What do we do all day long? What is more important to do that the other things?

That, my friends, will be the subject of the next article in the series: Strategy!

Best Wishes!