How To Get Clear on What’s Really Important

Clarity is the key. I was going to say in business and family, and then it struck me. Clarity is just the key, essential step for everything we do. I must be clear about the plans and instructions for building a wooden toy chest for my grandkids if I have any hope of getting it close to right. I must be clear about what my responsibilities are at my son’s wedding because the risk of upsetting the Mothers of the couple or the bride herself is just too great! (Luckily, there were very understanding ladies in charge of everything.) I certainly must be clear about my responsibilities in my business and I must be clear about what actions, tasks, and activities I am going to do during any given day, morning, hour, or minute. Clarity is the key.

Here’s the deal: If I am not clear about any one of those things, I will be miserable because I won’t accomplish whatever my objective is. I might come close, but chances are if I am not clear about what I am trying to accomplish I will miss the mark. One tenth of a degree off in the trajectory of a rocket headed to the moon will send that spaceship somewhere way off in the distance but it will not come close to landing on the moon. Same thing is true in every part of our lives.

So, if clarity is the key, how the heck do we become clear about the important things in life? And, for the record, we best also be truly clear about what the important things in life really are!

Is it important that the house is clean and well organized? Yes, we would all agree that is something that is important to a large majority of us. When you compare that to spending time with your toddler who is about to take their first step or say their first “mama” you decide that the kitchen floor can wait. Is it important to spend extra time at work to be well prepared to do that presentation for your biggest client tomorrow? Absolutely! Is it more important that attending your daughter’s vocal performance or your son’s wrestling match or your date night with your spouse? “Sometimes” you say? My friend, I suggest you do some Thinking On Purpose about what is really important and get clear about it. When you do, you’ll reset your priorities and make sure the presentation is ready in plenty of time so you can be there for your family. “But I’m doing this all for my family!” Of course, you are! Me too!! If that is true and I believe it is, then we can do a better job of being organized so we can handle all the important things in both the 9 AM to 5 PM world and the 5 PM to 9 AM world.

In our Podcast, The Business of Sales, International teacher, coach, and author, (Soon to be Dr) Jason Womack talks with me about focusing on that 5 PM to 9 AM world. If our 5 PM world is out of whack it will negatively affect our 9 AM world every time. Give us a listen on Spotify, please, and download the episode.

The resulting question becomes this; How does one find this thing called clarity?

I would suggest that it takes some time to Think On Purpose and make some decisions. Set priorities around what is important and what is not. Family responsibilities are not more important than business priorities nor are business priorities more important than family priorities. Take the time to think on purpose, get some organization in your life, and accomplish all your top priorities in business and in family life. Stop copping out with “I’ve got this work thing….” Or “I’ll be home as soon as I can but you know this presentation…. Etc.” Or “Sorry I can’t make that meeting my son has a ballgame.” Arrange your top priorities to get them all done.

“You are crazy, no one can get it all done, not even Superman!” Amen to that! I could not agree more. That means we must learn to use that one most important word that allows you to get control and remain in control of your life. What is that one word? NO. We need to say “NO” to the things that steal our time and take our lives so that we are not “free” to handle all our real priorities.

Say no to the stuff that really doesn’t matter, say not now to the favor for your buddy, say no to allowing email to run your daily schedule, say no to overbooking your time, say no to over scheduling your family and your kids. Think on purpose and make decisions about what is most important and wait for it, here it comes…

Gain Clarity about the priorities in your life so you can say “YES!” to the priorities and “NO” to the other stuff.

Gain clarity about what you want to accomplish and why you want it. If you will do this one thing and then make decisions based on what you want and why you want it, you will gain control. Once you are in control you can choose to focus on your priorities at home and at work. When you do this there is no limit to what you can accomplish. It’s all about gaining clarity about what you want and why you want it. Now is the time to Think On Purpose!

Listen to my conversation with Jason Womack on The Business of Sales and I think you might find a nugget of practical ideas you can use today.

Best wishes,