Book Morris for your next event!
Book Morris for your next event!

Morris developed training for over 80,000 agents and managers into seminars and workshops with your business in mind.

Morris developed training for over 80,000 agents and managers into seminars and workshops with your business in mind.

Are you successfully achieving your dreams?
Are you successfully achieving your dreams?

Download your FREE e-book for five fundamental steps to move your business forward.

Download your FREE E-Book for five fundamental steps to move your business forward.


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Morris is an experienced Learning and Development Executive, and he is now CEO of Morris Sims Practical Leadership Training. He specializes in the design and delivery of training workshops as well as consulting with companies...
Morris Sims has spent the last 32 years perfecting the art of leadership. The pinnacle of his experience was achieved while training salespeople and managers. In tandem, Morris studied himself, and honed his craft. This...
Morris actively writes every day. After reflecting on what would benefit readers most, he makes an entry in his blog. Here you will find some specific tips he wants to share with you. Each entry...
Are you ready for success? Contact us today to learn how you can influence those around you and achieve success. For all questions, comments, or inquiries simply fill out the form below, and we will...
Growth Plan For YOUR Business
Growth Plan For YOUR Business
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Sales, A Noble Profession
Sales, A Noble Profession
The holidays are upon us And I must admit, I thought about just skipping the newsletter until January. Then I realized skipping it would not...
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How do you make more sales in the last 4 weeks?
How do you make more sales in the last 4 weeks?
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A Must For All People

This is a must for all people who are looking to increase their success. Morris has the formula for success if you are willing to commit to doing what he recommends. I highly endorse Morris and his expertise in building leaders.

Ed Boyce

Master Trainer

I’ve known Morris for over 20 years. He is a master trainer with incredible leadership skills. He has put this knowledge into his book titled Practical Influence. This book will help financial advisors improve their ability to build relationships, build a better practice, and influence customers positively. Morris’s simple message resonates with the brand new agent as well as the tenured manager looking to improve their skills.

Tom Hegna

Highly Focused

Morris is highly focused on developing actionable solutions to your challenges which move you forward with purpose.

David A. Lyons

Highly Experienced & Results Driven Professional

I had the pleasure of working with Morris in the learning and development space for over five years. He is a highly experienced and results-driven professional who has mastered many of the proven practices of adult learning theory. Under his leadership, we successfully launched many new products and trained thousands of productive Agents.

Darryl Michael Speach
Majid Al Futtaim Holding, LLC

Well Communicated, Well Developed

Morris is spot on with the definition of Influence, as opposed to traditional approaches to leadership/management, and I found myself clinging to the real concept of Influence as a skill able to change someone’s thinking or action in a positive manner. Being well communicated and well developed, his little book packs a strong message. Morris’s single definition of INFLUENCE, not leadership, and the way it is introduced and developed, is a very refreshing concept that everyone needs to hear.

David Wieland
Retired Sales Development Manager

Accountability, Purpose, And Influence

Morris Sims is the expert you call in to light a fire under your team! The leadership training surrounding accountability, purpose, and influence will leave you pensive and reflective upon your best habits and your not-so-great ones. Morris will hold the mirror allowing you to glance at your professional self, and identify what is missing.

Pablo A. Magdaleno Carlos
Sales Development Manager